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Ideascamp 5 ideas 1 week

Laura Caro · July 1, 2017

#IdeasCamp17 is an acceleration program that transforms 5 entrepreneur’s ideas into real projects, through a 7 days streaming road trip and by the hand of the best partners.

When Pau García-Milá, a passionate entrepreneur and co-director of the program, called to tell us about this fascinating idea we didn`t hesitate one minute about joining the team. And that is because in Doers DF we love bringing digital project into life, no matter how big the company is, and even more, when talking about this kind of adventures.

From an efficient pot that allows refugees to grow their own food to a collaborative platform between doctors and patients, going through a sustainable clothing store, a mobile application to storage and manage shopping tickets and a family of robots that fosters the cognitive development of the youngest.

Doers DF team has been in charge of the digital transformation and the realization of the ideas. Not only contributing with tools and resources, but also adding value to each project by bringing out new ideas, alternatives and new proposals based on our expertise on the matter and our career path.

We are aware of the importance that MVPs have at the startup core, as they allow entrepreneurs to test, validate and swing hypothesis in a short time period without burning resources.

In that sense, basing the digital strategy of each idea both on the business model and on what type of product/service they are offering to its clients, we developed different digital platforms (web and App) giving response to every project needs which are going to allow entrepreneurs move on in the right direction.

DENKA, by Gemma-Izumi Galcerán.

In this case, the entrepreneur designed an efficient pot with sustainable materials which allows to use little water and maximizes the crops yield. For her, we’ve developed a corporate website that gives information about the product, its benefits and its possibilities both for society and for potential investors.

Ideas Camp Denka

U-ticket, by Alberto Sierra.

This time, the entrepreneur wanted to solve the problem of the loss of tickets and purchase guarantees by the consumer, and for this, we developed an App to storage and administrate those tickets, generating a large retail database that allows brands to design personalized offers for each consumer as well as loyalty programs.

Ideas Camp Uticket 1 Ideas Camp Uticket 2 Ideas Camp Uticket 3

EasyHealth, by Munther Odeh.

For Munther, founder of EasyHealth, who believes technology must be at people’s service, we created an online platform which allows each patient to manage, visualize and share it’s medical history and administrate every treatment prescribed.

Ideas Camp Easyhealth

Shop & Care, by Leire Vázquez

Aware of textile workers exploitation and vulnerability, she found Shop & Care, a web platform that works as a meeting point between conscientious users and sustainable textil brands. We also implemented different search filters on the website related to the idea, such as manufacturing materials and brands.

Ideas Camp Shop&care

The IFS, by Esther Borao.

This time we have a small robot family that help boosting the computational thinking and cognitive abilities of the youngest. For her, we’ve developed a corporate website, explaining her story and the reason for her idea. We have also incorporated an INTERACTIVE DEMO where customers can see the product before purchasing it through the contact forms of the web.

Ideas Camp Theifs

An initiative that has achieved, in addition of turning 5 great ideas into tangible projects, repercussion and diffusion above all expectations.

• 1.532.679 views in Facebook videosde los videos en Facebook

• Facebook (reach): 2.289.157 people

• Twitter (reach): 1.102.634 people

• El País Retina (Estimated item addendum hearing about Ideascamp: +- 400.000 readers)

As Pau says, innovation has three components: ideas, passion and communication skills. At Doers DF, we transform ideas into digital realities. Passion and our committed team is what help us to make it possible. And our ability to communicate is what allows us to reach initiatives like this.

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