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New startup

doersdf · September 1, 2015

We present our latest project, a new technological startup

Bonobo is an online tool that coordinates teams work shifts. Until now, organizing several people was a challenge because of the difficulty of matching the agendas of all of them. Besides, when one day was left uncovered a very long process to redistribute the shifts began.
Bonobo facilitates the process because it works the other way around: if before where the managers who assigned the hours and then had to make many adjustments when someone failed, now are the employees who choose when they have the availability to work. Thus, they mark their days off in the calendar and the tool assigns them shifts in an equitable way: all will have the same hours and will not work on consecutive days.

Once the distribution is made, the calendar gives an overview of the status of the shifts. In this way, the administrator can see the availability of all users and if an unforeseen event arises, you can manage the changes in a very easy way: just drag and drop the user over the gap that needs to be covered.

Communication between all users is done through a system of alerts that keep employees and the manager informed about shifts and possible changes.

Screenshot Organize

We took care of both the development and the design, we put special emphasis on the usability of the tool, allows to perform complex tasks in a simple way. You will be surprised how easy it is.


We develop a mobile version completely from scratch.
Therefore, in this case did not make sense to make a responsive tool, the user experience in PC and mobile are completely different and we chose to develop a mobile version completely from zero.
Once again, thanks to the Scrum methodology we were able to adapt to the client's impressions as development progressed. It is not the same to see a design than to actually test a functionality, the client was able to make decisions during development and reduce the risks of the project. The project was developed in 4 sprints of 2 weeks, adding and erasing initially planned functionalities.
The technologies used in this project were ASP.NET C # for the server side, Angular JS, IOnic, we developed a Web API and a custom backend for the management and statistics of the tool.

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