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Technology and solidarity go out for a beer

Elsa Muñoz · November 3, 2016

Conversations about how technology can evoke solidarity

Last Thursday we celebrated Social Bites, an event where we shared experiences about technology and solidarity. Because you already know in DoersDf we are determined to change the world by App hits.


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And with that excuse we enjoyed the best company with some alternative fashionable beers that inspired us to know each other and share our stories.

Stories like those of Greenpeace where they putted two well known youtubers into a breaking ice boat and how they taught a Norwegian radio operator to upload videos of 1 Gb without using a crane. 

Or as in Plan, where they tested until they got cramps in their fingers until they found the formula of conversion ,and with this, the people who are involved in causes as important as the child marriage.


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Or Javier’s story, our Animal Equality friend who opened our eyes to how what we eat is raised and very few know.

In short, an afternoon surrounded by good people talking about how solidarity and technology shake hands ... sometimes to go and take some beers.



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