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Villanos del clima

Doers DF · September 1, 2017

Vote for your favorite villain

We continue working for Greenpeace Spain in orden to help improve their engagement in the digital world.

This time, it is about a campaign organized by GP Spain to demand the government to favor citizen's right to health and clean energy in front of large energy corporations.

For this, we have developed a site where the main goal is to get user's participation through an open vote among one of the 4 villains of the climate, proposed by Greenpeace, to eventually get them sign the petition with the demands for the government.

Villanos Desktop

Through a fiction theme and a comic atmosphere,  we try to take users to scenarios and situations that a priori seem to belong to fiction movies, but are more real tan what we think.

Villanos Desktop 2

It has been designed for both desktop and mobile version, since one of the requirements that is sought is the user's on-site participation from the street.

Villanos MobileVillanos Mobile 2

Villanos Mobile 3Villanos Movile4


 Want to participate and vote your favourite climate villain?

Visit the site and help make the change !

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