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An easy way to schedule your shifts

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We were commissioned to create an application capable of organizing the chaos of work shifts in hospitals. The client, related to the field of health, had the idea of make workers able to choose when they wanted to work, and thus, involve them in the process of sharing the shifts to make it more democratic.



We designed and developed a desktop-centric multi-device application with mobile versions for both iOS and Android. Managers of each team have a work calendar creation wizard that counts on workers approval and which is set in place through five simple steps: create a calendar, ask workers for their availability, organize shifts, send the plan to the workers and manage the shifts.


Complexity, time and effort involved in shifting managers have been greatly reduced. Also workers have been involved in both the creation of the timetable and its subsequent management. 

UI app design. Desktop

Bonobodoc Screenshot 1

UI app design. Smartphone

marcoBonobo Admin Calendario
marcoBonobo Admin Notificaciones
marcoBonobo Admin Ver Usuario
marcoBonobo Usuario Calendario
marcoBonobo Usuario Notificaciones
marcoBonobo Usuario Mensaje

Website design

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