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San Miguel Beer asked us to update and unify the design of its website, reflecting the essence of its consumers that never stays still or conformate with anything: the “cerveceros inquietos”. It needed to be dynamic, modern, to be able to show off its new product design with pride, and of course its attitude.



Our proposal aimed to reflect San Miguel’s nonconformist attitude by integrating the graphic identity with the user experience, that also enhanced the SEO strategy. In this way we aligned the design with the brand image, played with templates to create more dynamism with a system based on reusable blocks, redesigned all their illustrations to create unique incographies and gave more prominence to our new labels.

In terms of user experience, we created a new menu that allows the consumer to identify the different products and navigate in an easier way, included elements that propose a more fun and less flat interaction, as well as animations that entertain without neglecting navigation.



As a result, the brand's website now reflects an unified identity, dynamisim and its personality, that thanks to the block system can quickly deploy ad-hoc campaigns with a clear improvement in results.

San Miguel Beer Screenshot 1
San Miguel Beer Screenshot 2
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